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    Our Eco Farm

    The Nairian farm sits on the East slope of Mount Ara at an altitude of 1600 meters, in a picturesque village called Aragyugh. By keeping our farm sustainable and pesticide-free, we are able fully harness this potential, and ensure the quality of our ingredients.


    Thanks to the elevation, pristine environment, and abundance of sunlight, our harvests of aromatic medicinal plants are extremely rich in nutrients.

    We are proud of the fact that over 70% of what we use comes from within a 100km radius of our facilities. We source additional plant material from local producers, allowing us to build a relationship with the people who grow our ingredients.

    From this bountiful bouquet gathered from the Armenian highlands, we distill the essential oils and cold-press the carrier oils which make up our exquisite cosmetic creations. You can learn more about these processes here.