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  • Home Process Ingredients GERMAN CHAMOMILE EXTRACT


    Rich in powerful anti-inflammatory compounds like matricin, bisabolol, and chamazulene, Chamomile Extract provides relief from redness, irritation, and flaky skin. It is the perfect extract for maintaining a healthy scalp.

    Used in: Aftershave Lotion , Aftershave Spray , Շամպուն տղամարդկանց համար ,

    German Chamomile Extract
    Sourced from France 

    Despite the name, our organic German Chamomile Extract hails from France. This potent extract is obtained through CO2 extraction, a heat-free process that preserves the unique compounds present in this exquisite Chamomile strain. 

    Skin & Hair Benefits
    Chamomile extract is a skin-soothing active that is able to rapidly reduce redness and irritation, thanks to a collection of potent terpene compounds. Sensitive and flakey scalps will be instantly soothed by the anti-inflammatory compounds like matricin and bisabolol.

    Energizing Bergamot

    Aftershave Lotion

    18500 Dram

    Refreshing Citrus

    Aftershave Spray

    17500 Dram

    Առույգացնող Մոնարդա

    Շամպուն տղամարդկանց համար

    9300 Dram