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  • Home Process Ingredients WILD MINT LEAF EXTRACT


    This tincture is prepared from the wild-harvested leaves of the wild mint that grows plentifully on Armenia’s mountains. This invigorating extract stimulates the scalp, leaving it healthy and refreshed.

    Used in: Shampoo Bar ,

    Sourced from Aragyugh Village, Kotayk Region

    More Reasons to Love Mint: 
    Armenia is home to 7 species of Mint, as well as 8 species Ziziphora, that is a an affiliated plant to the Mint family. From Wild Mint to Spearmint, this plant has been used for centuries in Armenia for its calming properties, ability to improve digestion, and soothe inflamed gums. When applied to the skin, it gives a feeling of freshness.

    Cooling Mint

    Shampoo Bar

    4400 Dram