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  • Home Process Ingredients JOJOBA OIL


    The light and nutty jojoba oil acts as a wonderful skin softening and protecting agent for all skin types, by preventing moisture loss and calming irritation.

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    Jojoba Oil
    Sourced from USA

    Jojoba oil is extracted from the beans of the Simmondsia chinensis, a plant native to the southwestern US and northern Mexico, through a cold-pressing process. Calling it an oil is actually a misnomer, since it is technically a wax. 
    Skin Benefits
    All skin types will benefit from this light liquid wax, but those with dry skin will truly cherish it. Acting as an emollient, jojoba oil softens the feel of the skin and makes it more pliable. Thanks to its unique content of long-chain fatty acids, it is an exceptional occlusive, preventing transepidermal water loss, the process in which the skin loses water. Various scientific studies have been done on the wax of the jojoba bean, and while none are conclusive, they all show evidence that it has the ability to eliminate signs of redness and sensitivity, and improve the overall appearance of the skin in the long-term. 
    More Reasons to Love Jojoba

    The discover of jojoba oil as a skin softening remedy has also had an important environmental impact. Up until the 70’s, a liquid wax obtained from the heads of sperm whales was commonly used, both in the cosmetics and automotive industry. However, sperm whales were becoming endangered, and a replacement to their wax was necessary. Here came jojoba oil to the rescue! Having a remarkably similar composition, jojoba oil is an excellent substitute, plus a sustainable and animal-friendly solution. This means that since the 70’s cultivation of the jojoba shrub has become more widespread. Due to the jojoba plant’s ability to grow in difficult conditions, it is used to combat desertification all across the world. 

    - 50 %

    Յուղարտադրությունը կարգավորող և պաշտպանիչ

    Գունակարգավորող եվ պաշտպանիչ քսուք

    18800 Dram 9400 Dram

    Brightening & Nourishing

    Vitamin C Brightening Serum

    35500 Dram

    - 30 %

    Strengthening & Softening

    Nail & Cuticle Balm

    5500 Dram 3850 Dram