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    The sumptuous amber oil of the pomegranate seed is an incredible skincare ingredient, packed to the brim with youth-preserving natural compounds. While the antioxidant and moisturizing properties of this oil make it fantastic for all skin types, it is mos

    Used in: Firming Cream , Body Cream , Hair Serum , Silk Soap , Mountain Thyme Soap , Glintwine Soap , Geranium Soap ,

    Pomegranate Seed Oil
    Sourced from Armenia’s southern regions. 
    Due to a dry climate and rich volcanic soils, pomegranates grown in the southern regions of Armenia are uniquely nutritious. At Nairian we purchase our pomegranate seeds from a local organic juice company that would otherwise remain unused. We then put these seeds through a cold-pressing process that preserves the maximum amount of nutrients, and is perfect for fragile ingredients like pomegranate seeds.
    Skin Benefits
    Pomegranate oil is an exceptional skincare ingredient, since it does not clog the pores and yet is extremely nutritious and age-defying. Its powerful anti-aging properties come from a collection of polyphenols, which fortify the skin against wrinkle-causing sun and pollution damage. Additionally, pomegranate oil is excellent at combating redness and dullness, thanks to a high content of omega-5, an essential fatty acid that is almost exclusively found in pomegranate seeds. 
    Lastly, this oil is a fantastic skin softener and moisturizer - it creates a smooth, protective layer over the skin, leaving it supple to the touch. The robust composition of pomegranate seed oil makes it a phenomenal anti-aging and skin-strengthening addition to moisturizers and creams! 
    Hair Benefits
    There are also many hair benefits present in pomegranate oil. The same fatty acid profile that nourishes the skin can also lightly penetrate through the hair shaft, to strengthen each strand of hair from the inside. Irritated and dry scalps can also be soothed and protected by the omega-5, and the polyphenols present in the pomegranate oil. From head to toe, anyone can benefit from this beautifying and healthful ingredient. 
    A Few More Reasons to Love Pomegranates 

    The incredible nutritional profile of the pomegranate is echoed in its cultural significance. In Armenia, the pomegranate represents fertility and good fortune, so it is no surprise that its representation is everywhere: from ancient stone carvings and in old wedding traditions, to modern jewellery, tableware, paintings, and any other potential souvenirs. 

    Tightening & Smoothing

    Firming Cream

    24400 Dram

    Moisturizing & Softening

    Body Cream

    13300 Dram

    Volumizing & Nourishing

    Hair Serum

    15500 Dram