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  • Home Process Ingredients CASTOR OIL


    This unique skincare oil binds moisture to the skin and protects it from environmental damage while leaving the skin feeling soft yet matte.

    Used in: Lip Balm , Hair Serum , Beard Oil , Shampoo Bar ,

    Castor Oil 
    Sourced from India

    Skin Benefits
    The rich oil derived from the castor bean is a unique skincare ingredient. It stands out as one of the few carrier oils with moisture attracting properties, in addition to its moisture binding properties. Despite that, it does not leave behind a greasy residue, but instead gives the skin a soft, matte feel. It is loaded with skin protecting vitamin E, to prevent environmental damage. Other beneficial qualities of castor oil include its ability to reduce signs of skin inflammation, as well as to treat uneven skin tone. While the castor bean itself is poisonous, the extraction process creates a gentle and safe oil. 

    A Few More Reasons to Love Castor Oil
    While the myth persists that castor oil is capable of stimulating hair growth, the truth is not quite so magical. Castor oil provides strengthening properties that lead to healthier hair bulbs and a nourished scalp, by that preventing hair loss, which leads to think that it makes new hair grow, so it certainly improves the appearance of the hair, making some think that it appears thicker.

    Protecting & Nourishing

    Lip Balm

    7700 Dram

    Volumizing & Nourishing

    Hair Serum

    15500 Dram

    Smoothing Cedarwood

    Beard Oil

    13500 Dram