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  • Home Process Ingredients NEROLI PETAL OIL


    Organic neroli essential oil is derived from the tiny white petals of the orange blossom. This floral essential oil acts as a super antioxidant, to protect the skin from all signs of premature aging, while keeping breakouts at bay.

    Used in: Calendula Soap ,

    Neroli Petal Oil 
    Sourced from France

    Neroli essential oil is steam distilled from the petals of the orange blossom. This oil is quite precious, since it takes over 100 pounds of petals to produce 1 pound of essential oil. However, this incredible essential oil is well worth all of the hard work. 
    Skin Benefits
    Neroli is frequently recommended for those with acne-prone skin, both to help fade away scars as well as to prevent all signs of breakouts. Additionally, this essential oil has an exceptionally high antioxidant capacity, making it a fantastic anti aging essential oil. 
    More Reasons to Love Neroli
    Many who have inhaled the delicate aroma of neroli know that it immediately makes it seem as though your problems have melted away. This essential oil is reported to help alleviate anxiety and stress. 


    Calendula Soap

    3500 Dram