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  • Home Process Ingredients MYRRH ESSENTIAL OIL


    This smoky-sweet essential oil is steam distilled from Myrrh tree resin. It has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any essential oils, so it keeps the skin youthful. We also use this oil in our Foot Cream, as a deodorant, and inhibitor of fungal

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    Sourced from Somalia


    Small cuts are made in the myrrh tree, in order for it to release its sap. The sap hardens into a resin, which is then steam distilled to create the fragrant myrrh oil. 

    Skin Benefits
    Myrrh essential oil possesses a variety of clarifying, anti-aging, and refreshing benefits. It has an extremely high antioxidant capacity, which allows it to protect the skin from the environmental aggressors that cause premature aging. 
    It is useful for preventing athlete’s foot, due to its ability to inhibit fungal growth. It is also able to neutralize odor causing bacteria, keeping the feet smelling clean and fresh throughout the day.  

    More Reasons to Love Myrrh 
    Myrrh has been used as a popular remedy and religious symbol by many cultures throughout the world. In both Christianity and Judaism, it is an important incense fragrance for religious ceremonies. In the New Testament, myrrh is one of the gifts given to Jesus by the three Wise Men. It is a popular natural remedy in both ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, and is often used as a potential treatment for pain and infection. Quite a bit of research has been done on myrrh, that shows its potential to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.