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  • Home Process Ingredients VEGETABLE GLYCERIN


    Glycerin is a naturally occurring compound extracted from oils during the soap making process. Besides allowing the skin to absorb water, glycerin improves the overall look and feel of the skin by maintaining its softness and suppleness.

    Used in: Micellar Water , Rose Body Scrub , Apricot Body Scrub , VARDENI , Rose Body Scrub & Shower Oil , Apricot Body Scrub & Shower Oil ,

    Glycerin is not listed as an ingredient in our soaps because it occurs as a natural part of their production process. 

    Purifying & Uplifting

    Micellar Water

    10500 Dram

    Uplifting & Softening

    Rose Body Scrub

    15500 Dram

    Smoothing & Nourishing

    Apricot Body Scrub

    15500 Dram