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  • Home Process Ingredients HYDROLYZED SILK PROTEIN


    This luxurious protein holds up to many times its weight in water, improving the skin’s hydration levels, and leaving behind a silky smooth feel. This ingredient is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm after the moth has already emerged, and is the

    Used in: Sunscreen SPF 45 , Sunscreen SPF 30 , Silk Soap , Glintwine Soap ,

    Used in: Eye Cream, Body Cream, Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin, Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin, Silk Soap. 

    - 45 %

    Protecting & Nourishing

    Sunscreen SPF 45

    17700 Dram 9735 Dram

    - 45 %

    Protecting & Hydrating

    Sunscreen SPF 30

    17700 Dram 9735 Dram


    Silk Soap

    3500 Dram